TT has a wide range of catalogue products of precise stamped parts spanning 025, 040, 060, 070, 090, 110, 187, 250, 312 & 375 series for a variety of applications in the auto and appliance applications. All its products are tested and validated by the in-house lab meeting all specifications under ISO 8092.

TT has developed a wide range of connectors spanning 025, 040, 070, 090, 110, 250 & 312 series connectors in a variety of materials and colours. TT has developed connectors in this range as per customer requirements to meet specific application requirements.

TT has a large range of Fuse and Relay Base connectors and suitable terminals meeting non-waterproof and waterproof requirements. Fuse box range include LP, Midi, Mini and Max range and Relays are standard as well as custom built to meet specific demand constraints of space and applications.