EV Universe

With the EV theme being the route for saving the planet, the EV market in India is expected to explode soon in terms of volume. With major established players jumping into fray, this segment is seeing large scale investments as the government pushes for increased localization. The capability for developing parts required for EV segment is the need of the hour.

Empowering EV Industry

Design engineers at TT are working closely with R&D engineers of EV vehicle programs across the globe to offer solutions at a rapid pace for OEMs to launch their models to market.

TT will not hesitate to pump in investments in segments for supporting the environment friendly ecosystem for sustenance of global welfare for all humanities

Thin Nickel Parts Production

TT has the capability to produce thin nickel parts for battery cells. Parts are directly packed from the machine through automated tape and reel system to avoid human interference and preserving the original surface contact qualities.

Customers can easily use the reels to SMT station for automated assemblies.

Facilities for Critical Applications

TT is also assembling the charging gun outlet and inlet for customers for direct use to their vehicle platforms. We have facilities for moulding, assembly, potting and leakage testing for such critical applications. TT is stamping a variety of parts with locking systems for charging pins and has beryllium contacts for the applications.

Supporting EV Makers

TT has a single window solution for EV part requirements.

Manufacturing Solutions

We are also offering major manufacturers solutions for battery cell parts, manufacturing parts for PDU and BMS including the miniature connectors and terminals required for the wire harness.

Rapid prototyping

TT can support with Rapid prototyping as well as full part manufacturing for increased local contents for the EV manufacturing universe.

Our products find applications in the following EV systems