Terminal Technologies (I) Pvt. Ltd.

About us

Terminal Technologies (I) Pvt. Ltd. founded by Mr. C A Anto and Mr.Sanjay Negandhi, started off as a three-man operation that over 30 years, has grown into a workforce of 1000+ employees, a full-fledged facility with the in-house capacity to create part-based solutions starting all the way from concept and going up to mass production. From producing a mere 20,000 terminals per day, TT has grown to produce close to 7 million parts per day.

International Solution for Industries

What started as a way to mass produce simple components, has now evolved into an international solution for industries in India as well as across the world. TT has designed and produced highly complicated components with high precision, ease and reliability. Our customization is unparalleled and maintains standards of quality and efficiency.

Designing these complicated components are entirely based on the conceptual and practical needs of our clients. TT strives to overcome all potential challenges using our in-house resources. Our production and processes are fortified with the use of automated machinery and inspection systems sourced from around the globe to ensure consistency and build customer confidence.

Connect &

Connections are the heart of our business and we aim to create them to last over a lifetime. We are constantly striving to grow the connector business with our customers and wish to be a preferred partner to them in offering solutions as the premier connector company in India.


With our 4 manufacturing facilities, TT is poised to offer solutions across the country for all emerging technological challenges faced by the customers. TT has the capability to execute multiple tooling and various projects without compromising on speed and quality.Our designers across the plants with decades of experience in connector design can offer solutions for all your imaginations.

TT Mumbai (Vasai)

The Vasai plant is the oldest of TT plants and established in 1999 as the first modern manufacturing facility for TT. What started as a one high speed press now comprises over 30 high speed presses and a full-fledged tool room for high speed progressive tool development. Vasai has the most experienced tool room brains and has developed many critical components meeting precise tolerance requirements. Challenging parts are developed with ease facilitating many localization projects for automobile OEMs. The plant  has some moulding activity of the 090,110 and 250 series connectors. Over time, Vasai has established assembly stations for metal to metal assemblies offering single stop solutions to customers. A well experienced team is looking forward to more challenging metal part localization with confidence.

TT Pune

Established in 2008,TT Pune is spread over a 100 thousand square feet and is growing.

The facility has a press shop, moulding lines, insert moulding lines, tool room and a  testing facility for the parts developed. It has over 60 moulding machines including horizontal and vertical injection moulding lines. Complex insert moulded parts with over 500 dimensions are developed and supplied to OEMs, month after month saving precious forex for the country. The Pune facility has capability for design support in terms of component developments and our engineers can easily package and convert your ideas into product designs with prototyping support and part development.

TT Bhilad

The latest TT facility at Bhilad has a press shop and tool rooms for progressive tool developments. Facility specializes in large tools for bus bars and complex bent parts which require almost 2-meter-long tools. Bus bars with ONSA gap are regularly developed meeting stringent quality requirements of Japanese and  Indian OEMS.TT Bhilad has press capacity up to 200 tonnes and can develop and produce parts from tool length up to 2 meters.TT is focused to invest more into capabilities for meeting the challenging requirements of  EV parts for Indian OEMS.

Bangalore Plant


Continuing to pursue excellence in tool making for precise parts, TT has invested in one of the finest tool rooms from South India, Macpro Technologies India Private Limited. Apart from establishing a firm footprint in South India, it gives additional resources in mould making and 2 K part developments. MacPro has extensive experience in critical mould development in segments such as connectors, Electrical, Electronic, medical and aerospace parts. MacPro has critical knowledge for making 2 K moulds with precision. TT is upgrading the manufacturing capabilities at MacPro for capacity enhancement and part production.

Together with MacPro, TT can offer mould making as well as part production of 2K parts in different materials as well as different colors. Well experienced designers are capable of proving the part to the print, avoiding the necessity to import 2 K moulds/parts from abroad. We are now in the position to offer solutions for any kind of conceptual design be it a component or a part. Experiences and learnings are always deployed horizontally to maximize overall excellence and consumer experience. TT is committed to follow the latest trends in global manufacturing and offers international solutions with local cost advantage.

Group Company : SPT

Noticing a critical requirement for a technically qualified plating facility, TT has invested in a modern programmable plating plant at Bhilad, Gujarat. With a view to offer competitive technology, the plating facility has an in-house lab, jig making facility and testing facility including Fischer scope for measuring undercoat as well as final coat. This facility has the capability for precise electroplating of silver, tin matte, tin gloss, copper and electroless nickel for both chain parts as well as loose parts. The plating facility will soon be one of its kind in the country with facilities for strip plating, partial plating and reflow plating capabilities.


The Tool Rooms, Production Lines and Inspection Equipment have the best machinery sourced from across the globe. TT invests in enhancing their production capabilities every year in line with the customer’s and our own growth requirements.

State-of-the-art Tool Room:

Realizing the need for rapid development of new parts, TT has invested heavily to build four tool room facilities with the capability of stamping tools, injection moulded parts and over-moulded parts. The latest machinery sourced from all over the world, ensures the speed and accuracy to meet the shortest lead time for challenging developments.

Complex programs involving dozens of tools/moulds are developed on time, meeting all inspection criteria.

With tool room back-ups and in-house designers using the latest software, our ability to meet the most demanding requirements is easily verifiable through RPT parts and design validation data. Precise tool room machineries are supported with the latest inspection equipment which includes CMM as well as Vision scope.

Stamping Machines:

The High-speed Stamping Lines are equipped with machines from BRUDERER, AIDA, and YAMADA DOBBY. TT has over 50 high-speed stamping lines with a speed of up to 1500 SPM. The tonnage range is between 25-200 and the length of tools handled crosses over 2 meters. With progressive stage tooling (50 stages), TT can process complex bending parts to meet precise inspection requirements. With an insistence to improve quality, TT has introduced dual-camera online inspection systems with many press lines to ensure reliability and consistency, which is the heart of our production. TT has the capacity to produce close to 7 million parts a day to meet the requirements of various industries.

Horizontal Moulding:

Precise connector parts and custom-built parts are produced with over 45 all electrical horizontal injection moulding machines, high accuracy molding lines that follow the TS certified production process. Multi-cavity molds are used to achieve the high precision required for connectors under controlled conditions. An in-house team of maintenance engineers keep the molds in pristine condition to ensure continual efficiency in production of parts. All our latest moulding machines are Japanese made, all-electric machines.

Insert (Over) Moulded:

Producing Insert Moulded parts has been a challenge for Indian industries and TT is in the right space to offer the right precision demanded for these parts. TT employs over 24 insert molded lines, some of which are equipped with camera inspection features for the continuous production of parts required for automobiles, appliances and electronics. Precisely moulded components are used in critical applications such as sensors, ignition contacts & relay bases.

2K Machines:

To keep up with the ever innovating industries and challenging product requirements from customer end, investments have been made into 2K moulding machines so that we can match our customer requirements.

Automated Assembly Line:

TT has developed skill sets required for in-tool assembly of multiple metal parts for making the contacts failure proof. In fact, our portfolio of multi-metal parts is growing day by day. We have even integrated assembly of such parts using specialized SPMs required for contactless assembly of critical parts.

Awards & Achievements

Terminal Technologies has been awarded on several occasions for their efforts over the years. Our awards serve as a testament and milestone of our increasing standards of quality and performance.

2022 Inteva

2022 Certificate of Appreciation 

Received Certificate of Appreciation in recognition of outstanding support from Inteva

2020 MSME

2020 Best MSME Award

Award winner in the 2020 India 5000 Best MSME Award competition for Quality Excellence

2019 ZED

2019 ZED Gold

Certified as a ZED Gold from Ministry of MSME

2019 Siemens

2019 Committed to Excellence Award

In acknowledgment of significant efforts towards “QCD & Response” for the financial year 2018-19 from Siemens

2019 Keihin

2019 Award of Appreciation

In grateful Appreciation for Generous Contribution towards “QCD from Keihin Fie Ltd

2019 Rotex

2019 Supplier of the Year

Supplier of the Year Award (Overall Performance) from Rotex Automation Ltd. for the Year 2018-19 during Annual Supplier Conference

2018 Rinder

2018 TPM Award

Received TPM Award for Implementation and Sustenance of TPM from Rinder

2018 Rinder 1

2018 Gold Quality Award

Received Gold Quality Award from Rinder India Pvt. Ltd.Year 2017-18 

2018 Minda

2018 Award of Appreciation

In acknowledgment of significant efforts towards “QCDD & Response” for the financial year 2017-1

2017 Luminous

2017 Best Performance Award

Received Best Performance Award from Luminous Power Technologies for Category – Innovation Year 2016

2017 Siemens

2017 NPD Award

Special Recognition from Siemens for Custom Built New Development

2016 Rotex

2016 Award of Appreciation

In recognition of outstanding contribution and support to Rotex Automobile Business in financial year 2015-16

2015 Schneider Electric

2015 Best Supporting Supplier

Best Supporting Supplier Award from M/s. Schneider Electric India Pvt. Ltd.

2014 Magneti Marelli Motherson

2014 Best NPD Award

Best New Development Award from M/s. Magneti Marelli Motherson Auto Systems Ltd.

2013 ISQA

2013 SME Quality Award

Participated in IEEMA SME Quality Award ISQA 2013 and Awarded SME Quality Commendation

2012 ISQA-2

2012 SME Quality Award

Participated in IEEMA SME Quality Award ISQA 2012 and Awarded SME Quality Certificate

2012 Tata Yazaki Autocomp

2012 Best Supplier Award

Best Sheet Metal Supplier Award from M/s. Tata Yazaki Auto Comp Ltd.

2007 Tyco Electronics

2007 Best of Best Supplier Award

Best of Best Supplier Award from M/s. Tyco Electronics Corporation.

2006 Tyco Electronics

2006 Best Performance Award

Best Performance in Terminal and Press Part Technology from M/s. Tyco Electronics Corporation.

2005 Tata Yazaki

2005 Best Vendor Award

Best Vendor Award from M/s.Tata Yazaki Autocomp. Ltd. in appreciation of Excellence in Cost Innovation during the year 2004-05