Custom Capabilities

The foundation of our pride lies in providing original components to numerous international and domestic Manufacturers. Over the past 30 years, TT has grown to increase the range and capabilities of our production sites to meet any design requirements of our clients. Providing clients with the option to develop new and unique parts based on their design requirements allows us to diversify and connect with an even larger range of industries. We also take immense pride in having maintained long-lasting relationships with customers we have served over the years.

We at TT believe that the backbone for new product development is to invest in all the latest technologies. As such, we have made sure to create advanced Design Centres, State-of-the -Art Tool Rooms and Modern Testing and Validation Departments. With a team of over 20 designers who have collective knowledge of over 15 decades, we are always ready to serve and find best solutions to potentially tricky complications that come with the space limitations and manoeuvrability of certain components/parts.

We regularly use 3D, RPT and mould flow analysis prior to actual mould manufacturing, to ensure “TO” trials are as accurate as they can be to their final sample submission. Parts with over 500 dimensions in tolerance of less than 0.02 mm are often designed and executed with ease, meeting customer requirements and stringent testing and validation on an international level.

All designs are supported with a range of wire EDMs and Spark EDMs using a host of precise grinding machines that achieve the desired output and meet stringent inspection requirements. TT can produce precise stamped parts, complex insert moulded parts and assemblies with special fixtures offering one-stop solution for any new part introductions by our customers.