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Terminal Technologies - Leading Manufacturer,Supplier & Exporter of Terminals and Connectors
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Company Profile


TT, Connect & Grow, is established with the aim of connecting maximum contacts affecting the global population covering all industries like automobile, Electrical ,Electronics, new age gadgets etc. It covers a range of catalogue product which find applications in automobile wiring harness, appliance wiring harness and white goods applications. Of late, TT has been developing bespoke products for the challenging customer requirements to meet the new design requirements emerging from the industries. We are proud to be present in many overseas and domestic brands as original equipment parts. Producing over a billion parts a year, TT is poised for continuous growth owing to heavy investment in catalogue parts and in R&D on behalf of clients who are looking for new part introduction. TT take pride in continuing with its original customers even after 25 years of service and take all efforts for new customer addition year on year.


TT with the aim of providing latest connecting solution to customers, have heavily invested in Design and tool room activities which is the back bone for new product development. over 20 designers with more than  100 years of collective experience can find easy solutions for tricky situations where space and maneuverability can be challenging. TT regularly use 3D, RPT and mold flow analysis prior to actual mold manufacturing to make the T0 trials as accurate to the final sample submission. Often parts with over 500 dimensions in tolerance of less than 0.02 mm is designed and executed with ease meeting all customer requirement and stringent testing and validation abroad.

All design is supported with a range of wire EDMs and Spark EDMs with a host of precise grinding machines to achieve the desired output meeting the stringent inspection requirements. TT can produce precise stamped parts, complex insert molded parts and assemblies with special fixtures giving a one window solution for any new part introduction by customers.

High speed stamping lines

Equipped with Bruderer and Yamada Dobby lines, TT has over 30 high speed stamping lines with speed up to 1000 SPM. Tonnage range is between 25 and 80 and length of tool handled crosses over a meter. With progressive stage tooling with 25 stages, TT can process complex bending parts meeting precise inspection requirements. With an insistence to improve quality TT is introducing Dual camera online inspection systems with many press lines to make reliability as the keyword. Needless to say, TT has a capacity to produce over 5 million parts a day to meet the requirements from industry.

Horizontal Injection molding lines

Precise connector parts and custom-built parts are produced with over 30 high accuracy molding lines following a TS certified production process. Multi cavity molds are run meeting the high precision required for connectors under controlled conditions. In house team of maintenance engineers keep the molds in a pristine condition to produce parts as per original print.

Insert(Over) molded lines

This has been a challenging filed for Indian industries and TT is at the right space to offer solutions for the precision demanded from the new parts. TT employs over 8 insert molded lines, some equipped with camera inspection feature for the continuous production of parts required for automobile and  appliance electronics applications. Testimony by clients and regular flow of fresh requirements from the existing clients are a satisfying point for TT and TT is eager to expand capabilities in the field to meet the ever-growing demand.

State of art tool room

Realizing the need for speedy development of new parts, TT has been investing heavily and has built 2 tool room facilities with capabilities for stamping tools, injection molded parts and over molded parts. Latest machineries sourced from all over the world ensures speed and accuracy of the tool room enabling TT to meet the shortest lead time customer offer for challenging developments. Complex programs involving dozens of tools/Molds are developed on time meeting the inspection criteria’s. With tool room back up,designers from TT, using latest software, can offer solution to most demanding requirements from clients which is verified through RPT parts and design validation data. Precise tool room equipments are supported with latest inspection equipment’s including CMM and vision scope.


Backed by TS 16964 for more than a decade, TT has developed a quality culture throughout to meet the customer requirement of Zero PPM. TT is investing heavily on Lean, SIX sigma and TPM activities to develop the process and culture to ensure customer satisfaction for all supplies and services.
Customer voice is driving force within organization at all levels and TT strive hard to be the preferred choice for all OEMs operating in its customer line of business.